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Trust and knowledge of the client are paramount to the success of the private Chef. The meaning of those two words can be so alien, so incongruous in this societal epoch that we may just shake our communal heads in incredulity. Chef Jason Mitchell was the Private Chef for the the governor of Minnesota, a position which holds serious levels of security, trust and commitment.

Many other clients have sought out Chef Jason Mitchell essentially for that reason alone. But it all goes so much deeper. Locality. Sustainability. Flavor. Taste…and perhaps some political consanguinity-all while holding forth to the rules of food and fellowship. Food and Fellowship! The rules of the table, these truths rise above.

For Bookings, contact Chef Jason 307-699-0774

Chef Jason was the private chef at two separate events my family and I attended over the summer.  The family raved about both meals, so when we decided to host a gathering, I immediately reached out to Jason.  He created an inspiring menu, brought all of the high quality ingredients, set up, cooked, and cleaned.  The event was perfect.  Chef Jason is fun, engaging and professional.  He creates a tailored menu for each occasion and provides wonderful service which makes his events absolute perfection. I highly recommend Chef Jason, he will provide a wonderful full service experience to treat your friends, family or colleagues.”

Tattie B.

Denver, CO

I’ve known Chef Jason for most of my life …he always amazes me with his culinary kung fu! I have had gatherings from 10 to 30 people plus… and the events have been nothing short of stellar. Five stars isn’t enough… he needs a gazillion!!! Salut!!!


Palm Beach, FL

Why should you hire Jason to make dinner ?  One reason is that you will get the best meal that you ever had in Jackson Hole. I have lived here for the past 11 years. Pre pandemic we ate out 3-4 times per week, attended numerous parties and events.  The Valentines dinner that Jason just prepared for my husband and I was by far the best meal we ever had in Jackson Hole. His attention to detail and the care he took to make us the authentic french meal that we requested surpassed our expectations. The portions were generous and he used all of the best ingredients available. We have grown to dislike restaurant takeout dinners because they continue to disappoint us. The food arrives home tempted ,over seasoned, with the ingredients spilling over the containers . Instead, do not wait for a special occasion. Treat your self to a meal prepared by Jason today. You deserve it.

Marci Cohen

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