The Grand Table

“Follow the food and follow the History”

Chef Jason Mitchell Started the Grand Table-The Show About Music and Food that same year, the year Jackson Hole Community Radio became a reality. Over 500 shows later, he’s still at it. Volunteering his time, energy and knowledge every week.

Chef Jason Mitchell can be heard every Sunday at 11 am MST on KHOL89.1 hosting his weekly radio broadcast, ‘The Grand Table‘ which fans can also stream online. So many articles. So many publications. His voice is unapologetic, deep and rich. Full of emotion and honesty. Asked to do voice overs voice talent and Chef will be there.

“Bring back that Sunday Dinner”

The Story

“Food is a Craft and an Art”

Chef Jason Mitchell started his culinary career in California back in the early nineties, cooking fresh Italian and Northern California Spa Cuisine in the Sacramento and Napa Valley region. He has preformed various stagier, which is an old French culinary term meaning apprenticeship or “work for food” with very well-known and respected Chefs in Berkeley and Yountville. He has been published in A Taste of Wyoming and various magazines, newspapers and periodicals and is working on his first novel about his life as a professional chef.

“One percent of cooks will get a television or a book deal”

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